Application for Permit to Make Any Excavation in a Jersey Township Highway Right-Of-Way  Instructions 

This requirement of a permit from Jersey Township is in addition to, and not in place of, obtaining a permit for such excavation as may be required by Licking County, Ohio. No application or fee shall be required for an excavation project to install five or fewer poles for the purpose of providing electric or telecommunications service, but the person making that excavation shall provide verifiable notice of the excavation to the Jersey Township Fiscal Officer at least three (3) business days prior to the date of the excavation. 

FEE UPDATED to $250 effective April 7th 2022


All correspondence must be directed to Marko Jesenko at

Marko Jesenko

1481 Mink St. Pataskala, Ohio 43062

Office: {740) 927-0331



1. A separate application shall be completed and submitted for each excavation to be made. 

2. The following shall be submitted with the application. Submission of the items listed, by way of example and not of limitation, shall be a condition of granting the permit. a. The applicant shall submit plans indicating the location, size, type, and duration of the excavation contemplated; 

b. The applicant shall specify methods of excavation, refilling, and resurfacing to be followed that meet or exceed Ohio Department of Transportation Construction and Material Specifications; 

c. The applicant shall, by executing the indemnification agreement attached hereto, hold Jersey Township harmless against liability and/or damage as a result of the excavation. 


3. The applicant agrees to provide and place such warning devices as the Board considers necessary to protect travelers on the road and to ensure their safety. 

4. The applicant must contact Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS) prior to any excavation and allow OUPS sufficient time to notify the applicant of any utilities that may interfere with the excavation. 

5. Licking County maintains four policies that Jersey Township also elects to maintain. 


a. Pavement cuts are not permitted in Licking County. 

b. The “Frost Period” shall run between December 1 and April 15, and during this period there shall be no work in a highway right-of-way. 

c. Depth of pipe line: a minimum of 36 inches below ditch or channel, and a minimum of 36 inches around cross culverts and bridges. 

d. Depth of buried service cable: a minimum of 36 inches below pavement, and a minimum of 36 inches below ditch or channel, and a minimum of 36 inches around cross culverts and bridges. 


Policies (a) and (b) may be altered at the discretion of the Jersey Township Trustees. 

6. The applicant must contact the Jersey Township Roads Department a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours in advance of starting work covered by this permit. 

7. Following the making of the excavation, Jersey Township reserves the right to inspect any excavation made to assure compliance with plans and specifications submitted with this Application and/or requirements made by Jersey Township as a condition of approving the permit. 

8. Persons failing to comply with the approved permit, or failing to obtain a permit, shall be notified in writing by the Township and shall be responsible for eliminating the violation and/or returning the right-of-way to its original condition. Persons failing to come into compliance within the period specified by the Township’s written notice will be subject to those penalties set forth in Section 5571.99 of the Ohio Revised Code.