Public Notice - Trustees Hearing to Consider Zoning Map Amendment

The Jersey Township Trustees will hold a public hearing on Monday May 20 at 7:30 PM at the Jersey Township Meeting Room located at 1481 Mink St.  The trustees will discuss the proposed Zoning Map amendment. Application 20-2019 submitted by S and B Development LLC that requests that about 6 of the total 36 acres of property located at  9464 Jersey Mill Rd be rezoned from RR(Rural Residential) to GB-1 for General Business.  Proposed business is for a plumbing contractor. The proposed building will include an office area separate from the warehouse area where technicians will have their supplies for day to day service calls. The remainder of 36 acres will remain zoned Rural Residential, see application map on website for details. The Zoning Map amendment request can be found on the township website (HERE) or on the township bulletin board.  At the end of or within 20 days of the hearing the Jersey Township Trustees will render a decision.
Notice is hereby provided by Bud Witney Zoning Inspector

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